While scrolling through Twitter, I came across an article on a topic near and dear to my heart. That of the K-pop group BTS, a group that I have loved, cried for (and to), and regularly purchased albums from since 2016. The article’s headline went as such: ‘BTS Are Not the Next Beatles — They’re BTS’, which you can find here on Medium. The article was so in line with my beliefs, that I immediately went to retweet it. Upon hitting the retweet button came a pop-up, encouraging me to read the article first before sharing. And so I did…

In the many, many, many workshops and webinars that my bosses with years of HR experience, have signed me up for, one recurring element stood out to me: the fact that so many HR higher-ups believe that the future of work (when speaking to young people) lies in freelancing or gig-work, and seeking remote opportunities beyond their country’s borders. Why?

In the eyes of HR experts, those that make up this year’s class of fresh graduates and new entrants to the workforce can be described as such:

  • They’re likely to hop around jobs, and value experience and meaningful careers over…

Nadira Amalina

musings by Nadira Amalina✨ she likes social media, media’s impact on culture, comforting things, and self-development for 20somethings.

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